What is Crypto and the Most Popular Types of Currencies

Rtvassen.comWhat is Crypto and the Most Popular Types of Currencies – Crypto is a digital currency that uses a cryptographic system as collateral for the currency. Recently, cryptocurrencies have been booming in Indonesia as well as in international markets, and even in 2021, investors who invest in crypto assets will reach 6.5 million people in Indonesia.

Cryptography itself is a method used to protect all kinds of information and communication channels through the use of a code system so that users of cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated so that it will be very safe and will not be prone to theft, the system used is blockchain technology so that the money you have will be very safe.

There are various types of crypto that you can use to transact or invest, so far have you been able to find the answer to what crypto is? To make you understand better, here is an explanation of the types of cryptocurrencies that are important for you to know, especially if you want to enter the world of investment.


The first type is bitcoin which is the currency with the largest market capitalization in the world today. Until now, the total valuation of the bitcoin market in the world has reached 671.78 billion US dollars or around 9,673.63 trillion in rupiah. Bitcoin has become one of the most profitable investment options because of its high price, even reaching 64,000 dollars for each piece.


Ether itself is a digital currency contained in blockchain-based network software that has the largest market value, which is in the range of 261.58 billion US dollars, equivalent to 16.83% of the total cryptocurrency market valuation.


The last well-known type of cryptocurrency is a tether, which is the currency with the third-largest market capitalization in crypto assets, namely the total tether market valuation reaches 62.89 billion US dollars and the price of the tether is pegged to the US dollar price, so the price is also high.

Thus information about crypto, so far you must have known what crypto is and what its types are.

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