Various Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Stock to Use

Rtvassen.comVarious Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Stock to Use. As it is known that stocks can be interpreted as one type of investment that is very useful. How not, an investor or shareholder can get a profit-sharing with a fairly high dividend value from the shareholder.

However, investors should pay attention to several important things before choosing the type of stock to use. Indeed, there are various types of stocks that have their respective advantages that can be felt by investors. The following is a complete explanation related to tips on choosing the right type of stock for investors to use later:

Using Securities

Before investing in shares, it is highly recommended that investors who want to open a securities account must have special facilities. Where this special facility is meant to be facilitated by a securities company. With the aim that the transaction costs that must be incurred do not require a lot of costs or are cheaper.

Where the transaction fee that will be paid is only 0.19 to 0.20 for buying shares online. After creating a securities account, an investor must top up by providing a set amount of funds. The funds will later be deposited into a securities account that functions as e-money.

Calculating Losses and Profits

If you want to get the best shares, then it would be better to calculate the losses and profits that will be obtained. For example, per share to be purchased has a bid price of IDR 50 silver. But it would be nice if investors bought 1 lot of shares with a total of 100 shares and had a price of IDR 5000 silver.

By buying 1 lot of shares, of course, investors can already have their own shares that can be traded. Where the price offered will be higher than the purchase price per sheet. Indeed, the purchase of 1 lot can give investors a profit of 1% to 10%.

Select Stocks Already Listed on the Index

One must choose stocks that have been registered on a certain index and are trusted to be used later. Where this index list is issued by the IDX so that later the statistical measure of market price movements comes from a collection of stocks. The index in question is LQ45 and IDX30 because it is a quality index.

Especially beginners who want to choose a suitable stock, of course, must pay attention to this index list. This is also because stocks derived from the index are believed to have high liquidity. Even the companies listed on this index have a fundamental background so that they can be judged as good.

That’s a complete explanation related to tips on choosing the type of stock that is suitable for use by novice investors. Indeed, the tips that will be carried out can deliver the right stock selection and of course as desired. In selecting stocks, investors must consider several things that are very important.

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