Types of Stocks that are Suitable for a Beginner

Rtvassen.comTypes of Stocks that are Suitable for Beginners – Stocks are one of the best and most profitable investment options for you to do, There have been many young people who have been successful at a young age because they have tried to invest in stocks and have been proven to generate profits.

It is very important to start investing at a young age so that when you are old, you can enjoy the results of the investments you made since you were young. For those of you who are beginners in the world of investing, especially stocks, you should never be careless and also pretentious because if you do it rashly, it will be very dangerous.

Playing stocks is indeed not easy and has big risks but also brings abundant profits if you can handle this and do it right, as a beginner, here are some recommendations for types of stocks that you can try to play because they offer big profits.

Read the information and consider as well as possible which investment you think will benefit you.


The first type that is recommended for you is BBCA which is a stock investment from the BCA bank, this type was the holder of the largest share capitalization on the IDX in 2019. This type is recommended for you because it has a large profit opportunity and has a high level of security so you should try it.


The next stock that also has the opportunity to benefit a beginner is BBRI which is a stock offered by Bank BRI, BBRI is recommended for you because it produces the most profits and the selling value of this type of stock is quite stable.


If you want to invest in one of the shares owned by the government, then you can invest in KARS shares of which 80% are owned by the government, the advantage is that the price of KARS shares is quite affordable so it is suitable for a beginner.

Thus information about the types of stocks that are recommended and suitable for a beginner like you.

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