Types of Crypto Currencies That Are Currently Circulating

Rtvassen.comTypes of Crypto Currencies That Are Currently Circulating the number continues to grow until you have a choice. Although this digital currency is more popular with its predecessor types. Currency, which is now not only a digital payment tool, is also an investment in many countries.

The development of digital currency is currently quite fast, especially since many countries make it an investment. Likewise, Indonesia, which includes several types of digital currencies in the trade or investment exchange. No wonder the number of enthusiasts or investors has also increased.

The digital currency was originally better known as the emergence of one Bitcoin which is now number one. The value of this digital currency continues to grow, although the amount circulating in the market is limited. This of course makes many investors curious and want to have it too.

Many have already benefited from buying and selling digital currencies, although today there are many other options. The currency was originally used only for online transaction payment instruments. However, later it developed and became digital trading or buying and selling.

Cryptocurrency is not the only Bitcoin that is circulating on the world market today, but there are several that are considered to have the same opportunities. Although more people choose to transact the king of digital coins. Here are some types that exist and are widely chosen today.


As a precursor to the emergence of digital currency in the world and currently, its value is the highest. It first appeared in 2013 and now the number in circulation is 21 million worldwide.


The digital currency that ranks second and is expected to soon overtake Bitcoin in value. One that is widely transacted and uses the smart concept. Disbursing Ethereum digital money is quite easy and that is what makes it attractive.


It has high liquidity and a large market cap so that quite a lot of people are transacting this cryptocurrency. These two indicators make it one of the best in digital currency.


Another digital currency is NEM which is different from the others. In NEM you only need to harvest or harvest not mining to get it. In addition, the speed of transactions compared to other types is an advantage that NEM has.


The digital coins used for the Vidy platform, are now being transacted more and more. To be the best and easy for you to get. Even just by watching advertisements on the Vidy platform, you can earn these digital coins.

Those are some of the Crypto Currencies that are now widely traded and also have a high enough value compared to other types. Those of you who want to try digital coin transactions can choose one of the types mentioned above.

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