Trying an Ornamental Plant Business During a Pandemic

Rtvassen.comTrying an Ornamental Plant Business During a Pandemic – Since the implementation of PPKM (Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions), many people choose to spend time at home. Apart from being laid off, workers in various business sectors suffered massive losses. As a result, many of them are out of business and looking for new business ideas.

Currently, the business of ornamental plants is increasingly being highlighted by the wider community. Not only as a hobby, caring for ornamental plants and selling them actually brings profits up to millions of rupiah. You don’t need to be afraid of the capital needed, just with small capital you can immediately start cultivating ornamental plants to sell to your relatives and neighbors. In order not to be confused about where to start, here are some tips before starting a plant business:

Choosing Types of Ornamental Plants

Before starting a business, first, determine what types of ornamental plants you want to sell. Basically, ornamental plants are divided into 2, namely those that focus on leaves and ornamental plants that focus on flowers. Of course, the treatment process of the two types of plants will be different.

Prepare Plant Needs

After determining the type of your ornamental plants, then provide various kinds of plant needs. Starting from the seeds to the planting medium. Make sure to only use quality products to keep your houseplants fertile.

Strategic location

A strategic location can be one of the success factors for your business. Choose a location that is lively, easily accessible, and spacious to help grow your business and for the convenience of customers when they want to go around looking at your plants.

Marketing Techniques

In order for your ornamental plants to sell well, use the right marketing techniques. You can start by doing promotions for your family and neighbors. Don’t forget to take advantage of social media so that more people see your business. If necessary, you can open a youtube channel about tutorials on caring for plants while promoting your business.

That was the article about the ornamental plant business that you should try during the pandemic. Good luck and I hope this article is useful.

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