Some of the Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment

Some of the Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment

Rtvassen.comAdvantages in Choosing Stock Investment, Some of the Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment, Investment is an activity of investing in the form of money or other forms of assets with the aim of being able to gain profits later, or it can be called saving personal money in the form of shares but the savings can provide benefits or increase by themselves. Currently, the investment world is familiar, especially since Indonesia already has many young entrepreneurs. ” Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment “

So what are the benefits that will be obtained? Seeing the current scope of stock investment which has expanded, known as trading, can actually give you a little idea because it is impossible for someone to decide to invest using personal assets in the form of money or otherwise if there is no profit to be obtained later.

So, if you are curious about what are the advantages of choosing a stock investment, even though if you keep your personal money it is safer because the money is still in your pocket or safe place. Here are some of the advantages of choosing to invest in stocks. ” Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment ”

In stock investment, there are two attractions, namely you will get capital gains and receive dividends, what are capital gains and dividends? ” Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment

What is Dividend?

Dividends are a form of distribution of profits given from a company to its shareholders, while the amount of this dividend varies depending on the amount of the company’s income. This dividend distribution is done when there is approval from the shareholders at the GMS (General Meeting of Shareholders), usually distributed every year but it depends on the company. ” Advantages of Choosing Stock Investment ”

In nominal terms, cash dividends generally do not have a large value, with a range of dividends to be received for shareholders, which is between 1-3% of the share price. Although the value is not large, it can be a regular income for investors.

What is Capital Gain?

Capital gain is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of the stock. Buying shares is the same as buying a business, for a company if it has a business that is going well, many investors will be interested in buying its shares. So that there will be a greater form of demand which causes the price to rise, so the shareholders of the company will benefit from the increase in share prices.

So that’s the advantage in choosing stock investments that can be obtained in the form of dividends and capital gains.

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