Ready to face finances after marriage?

Rtvassen.comReady to face finances after marriage? – Are you just planning to get married or do you have no idea at all? Most people delay marriage due to financial problems. In fact, financial problems in family relationships will occur after you get married. So, how prepared are you to face these financial conditions?

Saving as an Investment

Whatever your current job, never underestimate financial preparation in the future. Because everyone has a different ability to resist financial problems. Especially for those of you who have a date, and have a hobby of traveling, there will definitely be more expenses. Try to calculate how much money is spent during a date? “finances after marriage”

If the money is set aside to prepare for the future, it is certain that it will be a form of investment that helps prepare for marriage. This financial problem has always been a scourge that many people worry about. Therefore, always setting aside the money you have to deal with various conditions in the future is very important. “finances after marriage”

Simple Married

Indonesian society is indeed unique, other people’s marriage problems also become a topic of conversation. Simple marriages are sometimes said to be not capital, or even worse, they are accused of being pregnant first. From now on, try to ignore other people’s perceptions of the concept of simple marriage. Because the real financial problems will come when you officially become husband and wife.

Just invite your neighbors, family, and closest friends to save on wedding costs. If you have more money, then just save it for life after marriage. A simple marriage would be much better, than running out of money and not having a house of their own. You can imagine how expensive a luxury wedding is, and it can be used for a down payment on a subsidized house, which is much more profitable. “finances after marriage”

Save Honeymoon

What’s on the mind of a newlywed couple? Living together with intimacy? Spend a lot of time alone? All these thoughts are legitimate, but this image needs to be based on the logic of the financial condition in the household. If you already have a house, there are no debts or installments, then please go on a honeymoon to the place of your dreams.

However, if there is still an issue, then you should postpone the desire. A cheap honeymoon by making love at home or taking a walk in your city can be the right choice. Because financially after marriage becomes the riskiest thing if you don’t have preparations from now on. Many married couples feel chaotic, because of financial problems at the beginning of a marriage. Prepare your finances before getting married. “finances after marriage

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