Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android

Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android

Rtvassen.comApplications Read News and Watch Videos that Make Money on Android, Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android. The implementation of restrictions on activities outside the home makes most Indonesians often spend their time indoors. In order not to be bored with monotonous activities, they try to find activities that are useful but can generate rupiah.

This condition is used by providers engaged in the application field by creating various news and video information applications. So that users want to download and use the application, one very interesting feature is added, namely the gift of money. ” Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android

Tasks for App Users

Although there are many applications for the latest news information and also interesting video footage on the Google Play Store. However, only certain apps provide tasks with certain rewards.

Some of the tasks commonly found in the application include:

  • Get rewarded if you log in every day and on a certain number of days will get an additional bonus in the form of larger nominal money. For example, on the 7th, 14th, and 30th days, the amount received is 1 times more than what can be received if you log in every day.
  • Reading news or watching videos at a certain time will be given a bonus.
  • Watching advertising videos will get special bonuses.
  • Liking and following a certain number of creators or writers per day is also given a certain bonus.

Money Making App

Of all the applications that have been released and can be enjoyed by their users, they have various rules. Sometimes, between one application and another provides special conditions that are not necessarily similar to other applications. ” Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android ”

For example, the time limit for content that must be read or must be watched, fees earned, and others. Some of the most sought after money-making apps on android are as follows:

→ News Reading App

  • Read Plus
  • Buzzbreak
  • Cashzine
  • Caping
  • Cash tree
  • news
  • News Cash
  • WeViral

→ Watch Video Apps

  • Tik Tok
  • Snack Videos
  • ClipClaps
  • Watch2earn
  • You Cubez
  • Swag Bucks
  • Paid2YouTube
  • Like it Lite
  • Tik Tok Lite

Even though it seems profitable, you must consider it wisely. Is the fee earned when doing tasks from the application read news and watch videos commensurate with the amount of quota that is drained? ” Read News and Watch Video Earning Apps on Android ”

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