Popular Stock Trading App Friendly for Beginners – “Popular Stock Trading Applications Friendly to Beginner Players” – Nowadays, the stock game has been widely practiced and even cultivated by most people because of the abundant profits. Stock trading is done by buying when the stock is down and selling when the stock is rising. However, it should be noted always because the ups and downs are carried out periodically and not necessarily.

Playing stock trading is also quite challenging and exciting. To be able to play it successfully, a trader must be able to read the graph of the decline and increase in the stock so that it can run well while playing the stock. To make it easier for a trader to trade, there are several applications that can be used which are already registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). “Popular Stock Trading App Friendly for Beginners”

Philips POEMS ID

Philips POEMS ID is one of the trading applications presented by Philips Securities. Here, we provide investment services in the form of pro stocks and profound. Playing stocks here you can use customer funds or RDN accounts from several well-known banks. “Popular Stock Trading App Friendly for Beginners”


Stockbit can be an interesting application, where you can learn all the features of buying and selling stocks through the simulation feature. So you can learn first about the tools in this stock trading application before starting buying and selling shares. This application is also equipped with indicators that help you during playing. “Popular Stock Trading App Friendly for Beginners

Independent MOST

MOST Mandiri is also one of the largest stock securities in Indonesia. This application has features and looks that are simple enough for novice traders to play. So this application is very friendly to run. Here it provides a minimum deposit which is quite cheap and safe in the pocket of novice traders when compared to other places. “Popular Stock Trading App Friendly for Beginners”

Those are some selected stock trading applications that you can get easily. Playing stocks using the application will make it very easy for you while playing. Make sure you are painstaking and patient in analyzing the rise and fall of the stock in order to make a profit.

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