Know the Types of Crypto Currencies Most Wanted by Investors

Know the Types of Crypto Currencies Most Wanted by Investors

Rtvassen.comKnow the Types of Cryptocurrencies Most Wanted by Investors – It is no longer the time to rely solely on investments such as deposits, stocks, and property as a form of business to earn profits. Currently, what is currently being targeted by investors is crypto money.

It is a digital currency that is slowly starting to be accepted in the global market as an alternative means of payment to fiat currencies. For those who are not familiar with crypto, this is electronic money that is managed by the blockchain.

This currency is produced on a limited basis, unlike the currency in the real world. For its type, crypto is divided into two versions, namely the coin and token version. For crypto tokens, it builds on the existing blockchain.

While the coin version is used as money for every transaction made online. Based on the type, cryptocurrency is still further divided into several items. The types of crypto that are most sought after by many investors include:


The first type and at the same time the oldest cryptocurrency is called bitcoin. Apart from being the oldest, bitcoin is also the most popular worldwide. Printed in 2009, bitcoin has become the first cryptocurrency that is decentralized and facilitates transactions using blockchain technology.


The second cryptocurrency that is also popular among investors is there. This one type has also facilitated smart contracts using blockchain technology. In addition, there is also known as a cryptocurrency that allows it to be run without worrying about fraud from third parties.

Litecoins (LTC)

For crypto money, this one follows the same technology as bitcoin, namely LTC (Litecoin). However, this LTC generates blocks with a faster rate so as to offer faster transaction times.


The fourth type of crypto, called Cardano, was created based on research consisting of a team of mathematicians, cryptographers, and engineers. Cardano claims to be a more balanced coin when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

You can choose which type of cryptocurrency you want to use as an online investment which is quite promising. Because the four cryptocurrencies are among the most sought after by investors because they have a fairly high value.

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