How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment“How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investments” – How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment, Playing stocks is actually a way to invest in the long term. In this day and age, it is no stranger to the word investment. There are many types of investments that are often offered such as property, gold, forex, and stocks. Of the many investments that exist, one of the most popular in Indonesia is stocks. Stocks are the choice of many people because apart from being quite affordable, investing in stocks is also easy and flexible. “How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment”

If you invest in stocks, the rewards are relatively high compared to other investments. When market conditions are good, you can earn about twenty to thirty percent or even more for a year. But it depends on how the conditions. To make it easier to choose stocks for long-term investment, this step can also be a guide or guide for learning to analyze stocks that are concise for beginners. “How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment”

Analyzing the company’s market capitalization

“How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment” The market capitalization or market cap of each company indicates how fast the stock price movement in the company is, how large the percentage of ordinary shareholders is, and the estimated size of the company in the future. Companies with a jumbo market capacity tend to have a large and stable source of income. “How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment”

Revenue, Profit and Margin trends

The report on the company’s profit and loss will show the company’s net profit in the previous year or even the current one, usually, this report is in the form of a quarterly newspaper. In this report, the profit and loss from the previous year are attached for comparison. From there, investors must pay attention to trends that are happening in the company, starting from operating costs and others. “How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment”

Industry competition

Investors who have received information about how big the market capitalization is in a company and what the income is, then look at the size of the company’s industrial sector and what the business competition is like. Each company already has its own market share in the competition for one industrial sector. Next is to compare the net profit margins of 2 or 3 business competitors of the company being analyzed. You can pay attention to these ways to invest in stocks in the long term. “How to Choose Stocks for Long-Term Investment”

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