Here’s How To Start A Very Fun Oyster Mushroom Business

Rtvassen.comHere’s How To Start A Very Fun Oyster Mushroom Business. Starting a business is indeed very fun and provides a great opportunity to earn a large income. Indeed, the income that will be obtained if doing business does not see the size of the profits that will be obtained later.

One of the most fun businesses to do is the oyster mushroom business which will be processed into a cooking menu. Indeed, this oyster mushroom can be processed into several menus which are certainly very popular. The following explanation is related to how to start an oyster mushroom business that is still rarely known by someone:

Preparing Kumbung

The first thing to do is to prepare a kumbung or mushroom house before starting the business. The purpose of preparing this numbing is that it can be used as a place for the fungal growth process. This room will also be filled in the form of blog or plant media used to put seeds.

In addition, this lumbung must have a moderate temperature and humidity must be maintained so that the fungus growth process is good. Usually, this lumbung is made of wood and the walls are made of boards and have a roof of asbestos. Not only that, inside this kumbung will be equipped in the form of shelves made in stages.

Preparing Baglog

The next step is to prepare a blog made of sawdust which will later be wrapped in plastic. Where the shape of the package is cylindrical and don’t forget to forget between the ends. The purpose of giving the hole is as a place for the growth of mushrooms to pop out when they are big.

How to care for backlog is certainly not too complicated to do, namely watering mushroom plants sufficiently. In other words, you shouldn’t water it often and you have to use a sprayer to water it. The watering technique can be done by forming a mist but not just a drop of water.

Harvest Stage

The mushroom harvesting process can indeed be done in a short period of time, namely 1 to 2 weeks. In this period of time, the growth of mushrooms will be greater and mushrooms can be harvested 8 times. Harvesting is certainly not separated from the way mushroom plant care is quite well done.

If the weight of the backlog made reaches 1 kilogram, it certainly provides an opportunity to produce 0.8 kg of herbal medicine. A little information that the use of backlog only once and is usually discarded. Although there are also entrepreneurs who use it as compost material for the former mushroom backlog that has been used earlier.

That’s a complete explanation related to how to start an oyster mushroom business that can be done easily. Interestingly, the stage for harvesting certainly does not take a long time for an entrepreneur. It can even give results with a weight of almost 1 kilogram and has an expensive selling price.

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