Easy Saving Tips For School Children Easy tips for saving for school children, there are several things that can be considered. Usually, parents also want to teach children about the concept of saving. So parents can start to give a simple picture to their children how easy it is to save and start saving their money independently, what to do?

Set a Savings Goal

When going to save, then invite the child to discuss to be able to determine what the purpose of saving is. For example, to buy new toys, to buy storybooks and so on that, the child wants. By setting clear goals, usually children will be motivated and become happier to do it.

The purpose of saving is also to give school children an idea that saving is important. To be able to get something they want, children can start by setting aside money as savings.

Set aside money from pocket money

Usually, children will be given money for their allowance, so the easy way to save for school children is to set aside the pocket money. That way they will be independent and able to do things well. It can even reduce children to carry out a consumptive lifestyle that is carried out on the spot.

So when the child will set aside some of his money from pocket money, it can also provide an understanding of change. Even a little change can be saved, if you have a lot of money, you will certainly get what you want. So when you get change, your child can save it little by little.

Use a piggy bank to save

Another important thing when it comes to saving and being able to give children a sense of interest is to use a piggy bank. To be able to attract children’s interest, piggy banks for saving can also be decorated properly and as attractively as possible. That way the child will be more enthusiastic when going to save and enter the money,

The presence of a piggy bank that can be placed in a visible place and then decorated according to the child’s wishes. It will be an interesting object and can motivate children to be able to collect the money little by little.

Invites Rethink Before Shopping

The next thing that can be done is to try to invite children to think critically when shopping. Are the things your child wants to buy that are important and needed? Then the child will think again about buying and the money to buy it should be allocated as savings. That way the child will appreciate money more and can think about which urgent needs must use money. Or a need that must be postponed because it is not urgent.

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