Crypto Currency Type – Types of Crypto Currency – Crypto currency is an electronic currency that functions as a barter medium with a cryptographic system. Cryptocurrencies are universal, so they will be easily recognized all over the world. For those who want to have there are no special requirements as in the banking system.

Transactions using crypto are very fast for international transactions. You can view all transaction history by numbers. However, can’t see who made the transaction. Another plus is that all activities using crypto currency can be managed by yourself. To know more about crypto, here are the types of cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency that was first used by this system. Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto was first introduced in 2009. Since its inception bitcoin has targeted global trade. The demand for bitcoin is getting higher and higher until recently.


Crypto etherum comes with a smart contact concept that allows developers to release applications using a mobile phone or smartphone. Withdrawing crypto etherum funds is easy and is included in the liquidity category.


Litecoin first appeared in 2011. Litecoin was introduced as a peer-to-peer currency with a faster speed for generating new blocks. Litecoin’s transaction speed does not require a powerful computing system.


This ripple crypto currency comes from an American company. Ripple uses the concept of non-decentralized XPR. This makes all payment and transfer processes very transparent.


Dogecoin was first introduced to the public in 2013. Dogecoin is a derivative of Litecoin. The value of dagecoin is lower than bitcoin. Dagecoin took the dog Shiba as a mascot. Many communities that use Dogecoin often make donations, charities and others.


Cardano is claimed to be a safe virtual cryptocurrency with an increasingly high market price. The system owned by crypto cardano is more efficient and is the first blockchain in the world.

That is the type of crypto currency that is widely used these days. This currency is starting to be discussed and much in demand because it can be used as an investment. This currency is predicted to increase in value in the future.

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