Beginners, First Understand Stock Risk

Rtvassen.comBeginners, Understand the Risks of Stocks – Stocks always offer lucrative benefits. Especially with the myriad of benefits that can be felt like you are making an investment. However, before rushing to decide to play stocks, it is better for those of you who are still beginners to understand each risk first so that it is safer and more comfortable, and minimizes losses.

Capital Loss Occurs

There are many terms that you need to know first before jumping into investing in stocks. One of them is capital loss which contributes to your risk when playing stocks. This capital loss is the opposite condition of the capital gain in a stock. This capital describes a stock price that goes up or down which is part of the risk.

Every stock exchange will definitely meet a point of capital loss, where the stock price becomes lower than when you bought it. The risk that will be generated will be very fatal if the price does not stabilize. The value of the stock will decrease if the price on the stock exchange is decreasing. Therefore, you should really study the pattern first.


Suspend will be a decision that the stock exchange has to impose on you because the stock price is not stable. Suspend itself has the meaning of stopping activities for a certain period of time, with the aim that you as an investor do not experience deeper losses. Starting from a capital loss that has not been resolved, then suspension becomes the next risk that must be faced.

When you are suspended by the stock exchange, what happens is that you cannot carry out all activities regarding the shares in it. Buying or selling cannot be done if this suspension has been imposed. The specified time period is sometimes uncertain, it can be right at the agreed time or even longer until the capital loss can be completely resolved.

Stock Trading Selection

A problem that is quite risky for a beginner is the selection of stock trading. You should not be easily swayed by seduction without having to find out in advance a company that is official and trusted in stock trading, either in Indonesia or an outside company that does provide an international stock market. Choose a clear and registered stock market with a stable price to minimize stock risk.

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