Apps That Can Make Money

Rtvassen.comApplications That Can Make Money – Humans of this century have been treated to all things sophisticated and modern. With all the sophistication presented by internet technology, various activities can be carried out via the internet, including to make money. The following is an application that is claimed to be able to make money.

Read Plus

This application is claimed to be able to give you money. As the name implies, you only need to read some of the articles contained in reading plus, you can already earn. The read plus application uses a coin system in its payment. The coins will be converted into digital money. The digital money can then be withdrawn.


Almost the same as the previous application, this money-making application is a reading application that can make money. This app also uses a coin system. If you share the posts in the application, you will get additional coins. The coins you collect can later be exchanged for real money.

Cash For Apps

Cash For Apps can make money in an easy way. The trick is to download various applications provided by Cash For Apps. When finished downloading, you will get points. To redeem these points you need to collect 3,000 coins. Every 300 points will be rewarded 1 US$.


Jackpot or poll is a money-making app that can pay you. You need to be a respondent to get rewards in the form of points. You will fill out surveys with different themes. The points that have been collected can later be exchanged for money, line stickers, and event tickets for concerts and films.


For those of you who like photography, you can try this one application. You can sell your shots in this application. It should be noted, the photos you sell must be of high quality in order to compete with other users.

Thus information about money-making applications that you can try. The application is proven to pay and can make you earn additional income in an easy and practical way with smartphone capital.

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